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The Art of Engaging with Customer Reviews

Reading Time: 7 minutes In an era where the digital footprint of a brand is scrutinized more than ever, navigating the complex landscape of customer opinions has emerged as a critical facet of corporate strategy. This comprehensive approach extends beyond merely observing online discussions about a brand to actively engaging in them, irrespective of whether the feedback is favorable or unfavorable. Addressing positive feedback with as much importance as constructively responding to negative comments solidifies existing […]
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6 practices to help you build a CX program in your business

Reading Time: 6 minutes Nowadays, customer experience is key to any business. CX matters most for companies that provide services for multiple customers a day. This includes both brick-and-mortar businesses, such as stores, health clinics, hotels or service points, as well as online businesses, for example e-commerce or SaaS. Developing an effective CX program is a complex long term process, which must allow for all customer related matters. In this article you will learn six practices to help you develop a perfect CX strategy.
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