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Google Maps Statistics and Interesting Facts

Reading Time: 4 minutes Nearly two decades have passed since the inception of Google Maps. Throughout this period, the app has introduced a plethora of innovations that have secured its position as a market leader. Evolving from a simple navigation program to a comprehensive platform that provides detailed information about various places and offers users the ability to contribute data, Google Maps has significantly outpaced its competitors. In this article, […]
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Google Business Profile Optimization – What Determines Your Company’s Ranking?

Reading Time: 7 minutes A Google Business Profile is a powerful tool for enterprises of all sizes, allowing companies to manage their online presence on Google services, including both the search engine and Google Maps. It doesn’t matter if you’re the owner of a neighborhood bakery or the CEO of a large retail chain with hundreds of stores – properly managing your Google business listings is essential nowadays for attracting new customers, […]
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How Google Maps influences omnichannel strategy building

Reading Time: 4 minutes In the digital world, consumers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their shopping habits. It’s no longer a straightforward path from interest in a product or service to purchase. The modern consumer might start their shopping journey on a smartphone while commuting, continue on a laptop at home, and then finalize their purchase in a physical store. In this intricate consumer landscape, numerous touchpoints can play to a retailer’s advantage – […]
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