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Boosting sales through recommendations: How AI offers personalized shopping suggestions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Imagine your customer walking into your store, and you already know what they’re looking for. You also know what they’ve bought recently, which products they frequently view and in which stores, and even what they’re planning to buy at this very moment. Not so long ago, this would have sounded incredible, but today, it’s pretty much our reality. The […]
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Local SEO vs. organic SEO

Reading Time: 5 minutes SEO is one of the pillars of Internet marketing. Any company that wants to attract new customers and scale its business should take an interest in search engine positioning efforts. However, they take on many different forms, so choosing the right ones can be a challenge for you. One issue to consider is whether it is better to focus on organic or local SEO. What is the difference between one and the other, and how can you make the right decision? Check out our guide!
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Consider Google Business posts your ally in the game of SEO.

Reading Time: 12 minutes TABLE OF CONTENTS Focus on highly effective but often overlooked feature boosting visibility in local search. While Facebook and Instagram are great for building long-term brand awareness, they are not meant to help your clients find you when they are looking for products or services they need today. However, there is only one place we all go to when we are in desperate […]
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