Local Review Booster

Improve customer experience by collecting reviews and encouraging ratings and comments on your business, both on your website and Google Maps locations

Local Review Booster helps you fully utilize Center AI by sending automated post-transaction emails and push notifications in mobile apps to encourage your clients to share positive feedback. This tool helps increase the number of customer ratings and reviews, improving your customer-brand relationship.

Understand your customers better

Gathering, analyzing, and monitoring customer reviews lets you better understand customers’ needs and expectations. Using this information to make changes and improvements will enhance the customer experience. See the impact Local Review Booster had on our clients.
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Improve your ratings and reviews in Google Maps

Encouraging customers to leave a review about your business can significantly improve your ratings on your website and Google Maps. As much as 93% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. See the effects of Local Review Booster on our clients.
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Increase foot traffic and profits

Positive reviews can increase sales by up to 18%. They can also bring more customers to a store through positive ratings in Google Maps and a company’s website. As many as 79% of people think online reviews are just as credible as personal recommendations. Find out how Local Review Booster has positively affected our clients.

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