Bulk publish your posts or images

Posts, which you can publish on your Google Maps listing, could inform your customers about your offers, new products and events in your business. Post content affects your ranking in Google and Google Maps searches. If your posts contain key search phrases used by your customers, your listing will be displayed higher and more often in search results. Images, in turn, influence customer decisions on whether or not to visit a location. Higher quality and the number of images can effectively boost the number of visits to your business locations. Up till recently, to add a new post or image you needed to access each listing individually. Center.ai allows you to bulk add new posts or images to all or a few chosen store profiles simultaneously, which will help you save a lot of time, while increasing effectiveness.

Adding posts and images

Post about your products, events, new collections and publish images which entice your customers to visit your business and improve your ranking in search results.

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Bulk posting

Center.ai allows you to bulk publish posts and images across your entire network, in selected cities or across a freely defined group of listings (such as stores in shopping centres, petrol stations at motorways), which saves you a lot of your time.

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Post history

Access to post history enables you to cross reference this item with ranking history in Google Maps search results. This may prove useful for understanding how the number, type and content of your posts influences your ranking, which helps you plan better and manage SEO actions in Google Maps more effectively.

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