Business Listing Stats

Here you will find information about such indicators as the number and type of queries, which resulted in your listings being displayed, the number of views a listing got in Google or Google Maps searches, as well as data on the website, phone call and directions actions taken by your potential customers. helps you browse and analyze data for each listing, a subset of your listings, or the entire network.

Business Listing Search

Customers search for your listing in a variety of ways. Sometimes, they will enter only your company name, at other times they will search for a service category (for example, sports goods, ATM, hairdresser’) or products (for example, PlayStation 5). Here you can check which searches actually redirect to your listings.

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Business listing views

Your potential customers may see your listings both in Google local search, for example typing ‘sportswear Warsaw’, or directly in Google Maps.

Here you can find out what drives traffic on your listings.

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User actions

See how many customers have actually taken Website action, Phone call action or Direction action from your listing.

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Advanced filters helps you browse and analyse data for each individual listing, a subset of your listings or the entire chain. Moreover, you can scan your results for a given period of time or cross-reference them with another period.

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