Profiles' security

Changes to your Google Business Profile made by Google Maps users can negatively impact your online visibility, reputation, and customer experience, leading to reduced in-store traffic and revenue at specific locations. Center AI makes it easier and more efficient to protect your locations from unauthorized changes.

Protection against changes

With Center AI, you can choose which elements of your location to protect against unwanted changes made by Google Maps users. This can save you time and help you prevent consequences that may arise, such as lower foot traffic at your locations.

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The list of changes

Center AI allows you to view and manage all changes made by Google Maps users in one place. In addition, you have the option to accept or reject changes either individually or in bulk.

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History of changes

By keeping track of changes made by Google Maps users, you can gain insight into how the local community perceives your business. With Center AI, you can identify any unfair practices, such as incorrect updates to your business hours, changes to your business category, or status. Center AI allows you quick, accurate reactions.

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