Listing security

Every Google Maps user can make changes to your listings. Such alterations have a negative impact on the visibility in search results, online image, or customer experience. As a result, they also impact in-store traffic and your income in selected locations. Thanks to, protecting listings from changes becomes much easier and less time-consuming.

Listing Protection allows you to select those listing elements you want to protect against unwanted external changes made by Google Maps users. This will save you a lot of time and help you avoid problems and a drop in traffic in your locations.

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List of Changes

You will see all changes made by Google Maps users in one place. You can reject or accept changes as a group or individually.

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History of Changes in Listings

Browsing potential changes recommended by Google Maps users can help you understand how your environment perceives your business. You might be just in time to notice some unfair practices, for example frequent alterations to your opening hours, which have little to do with your actual business hours, or changes to business category, labels, or marking your listing as ‘paused.’

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