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Up-to-date content and a coherent image of your listings on Google Maps and your website

Google Maps is often the primary source of information on your business location. Customers search for the nearest store location or opening hours. Your listing's images, ratings, and customer reviews also impact your customers' decision to visit your location. Thanks to Center AI, you can manage all those elements optimally and effectively. Center AI enables you to bulk edit up-dates to your contact details or images across your entire chain or a selection of your listings, all at the same time.

Bulk Manage Your Content Updates

With Center AI, you can bulk manage any updates to your business listings, such as opening hours, images, backlinks, or phone numbers, and consequently, provide your customers with reliable information. You can bulk edit information for your entire chain or just a few selected locations, which saves you a lot of your precious time.
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Continue Monitoring the Quality of Your Listings

Thanks to Center AI, you needn’t verify every listing to locate information gaps. Our control panel will quickly help you identify incomplete listings that require you to fill in some missing information.
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Protect Your Listings Against Outside Changes

Every Google Maps user can introduce changes to the content of your listing that pertains to your opening hours, contact details, or information on your business category. Moreover, users can claim selected listings, and, unless you react in time, they will be entitled to manage such a listing.
Such alterations have a negative impact on your business and, as a result, can also influence in-store traffic and your income in selected locations. Center AI helps you monitor and reject such irrelevant or harmful suggestions, saving your time and mitigating business risks.

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Devolve Work Competences to Your Team Members Safely

Center AI allows you to work on your Google Maps listings more effectively and securely by granting permits to manage selected listings or groups of listings to multiple team members and affiliated organizations. You can restrict these permissions further to edit selected listings and specific elements on each listing.
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