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Boosting sales through recommendations: How AI offers personalized shopping suggestions

Reading Time: 3 minutes Imagine your customer walking into your store, and you already know what they’re looking for. You also know what they’ve bought recently, which products they frequently view and in which stores, and even what they’re planning to buy at this very moment. Not so long ago, this would have sounded incredible, but today, it’s pretty much our reality. The […]
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Competitive Advantage: How AI revolutionizes the shopping experience in the retail industry

Reading Time: 4 minutes Entering a new era of retail trade is no longer a secret. Artificial Intelligence (AI) undoubtedly represents one of the key tools driving this transformation and used to build a competitive advantage among retail companies. Areas previously dominated by basic, commonly known solutions are slowly being replaced by advanced AI technologies, which offer sellers sophisticated opportunities to improve efficiency, as well as customer satisfaction. AI allows […]
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