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Optimize Your Ranking in Google Maps and Drive In-Store Traffic

Ranking listings in Google Maps has become an essential element of SEO strategy for companies in the retail sector, which derive most of their profits from purchases made at brick-and-mortar locations. Center AI will let you not only save a lot of your time on optimizing and publishing your content to your listings, but also will allow you to cross reference your listings ranking history in Google Maps search results or with that of your competitors

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a procedure for optimizing ranking in Google Maps search results. The top three hits will also appear in local search results in standard Google queries, usually atop of search results listing websites.

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Why does your company need local SEO?

Over 80% of income for most chain stores is generated by brick and mortar stores, making them a key business component. Often these locations are searched for and discovered through local Google and Google Maps searches. According to Google, 76% of users who conduct a local search visit the physical store within 24 hours, and 28% of such searches result in a purchase. Therefore, local SEO, which is meant to optimize your ranking in local search results, comprises a vital element of any business development strategy for the retail sector.

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How can you improve local SEO with Center AI?

To boost in-store traffic in your business location, you need to increase the number of views your listings get. Better local SEO translates to increased views, which also improves your business’ ranking in Google search results.
You can optimize your business listing by adding content posts that contain relevant keywords. Center AI will help you carry out your SEO initiatives effectively, allowing you to:
bulk post content to multiple listings simultaneously; bulk edit your listings; monitor your ranking in Google Maps search results; compare your ranking to that of your competitor.

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Improve local SEO with Store Locator

Store Locator is an additional feature offered by Center AI. Once implemented on your website it displays a map of your locations and stores along with some useful information. Your listing details and customer reviews are updated both on Google Maps and in the Store Locator on your website. Moreover, Store Locator helps better rank your listings in Google Maps search results.

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