Why Google Maps

Vast range

Google Maps is used by over 1 billion people every month.

Source of income

Over 80% of income for a majority of chain stores is generated by brick-and-mortar stores. Google Maps help discover those locations.

Valuable customers

Google Maps users are highly sought after - when they search for a product or service it means they are ready to visit one of the recommended locations and make a purchase.

Convert online traffic into in-store visits

Improve your online visibility

Nowadays, nearly all customers start their purchasing journey with an online search. What’s more, roughly half of the online searches are local, in other words, they pertain to brick-and-mortars within the vicinity of a potential customer.With Center.ai you can manage your business visibility on Google Maps local search results.

Save your team’s time

Thanks to Center.ai and its bulk content management options your team will save a lot of time on content management for all your business listings across all your channels, such as Google Maps, your website or mobile app. With the help of the toolkit you can bulk edit contact information, publish images or add posts, all of which not only encourage customers to visit your stores but also improve your ranking in local search results.

Improve your reputation and brand image

By analysing customer ratings and reviews your team will better understand how your customers see your brand, your products or services and the overall customer experience, which in turn, will let your team improve sales by homing in on problematic areas. With Center.ai your business will not only gain a deeper insight into your customers comments, but will also save your precious time while replying to customer reviews more effectively.

Increase traffic in your business location

Statistics show that 76% of users who run a local search on their smartphone visit a physical location within 24 hours, with 28% of the searches culminating in a purchase. With an increase in your listings visibility on Google Maps you can increase your in-store traffic.

What Our Partners Say About Us



"I appreciate Center.ai for the options which Google My Business lacks. I can manage several listings, each for a different cafe. We find it especially helpful to be able to monitor reviews, which run aplenty in the food industry. We need to know exactly how many positive, negative or neutral reviews the cafes receive. It's key information when introducing changes. I used to prepare the statistics by hand, which took a very long time. Now, I keep using an automated panel, which is of great help. I recommend this toolkit to anyone who believes that Google Maps listings are an important channel for acquiring new customers. The add-on functionalities will make your job and SEO actions easier."

Natalia Bogdanowicz, Digital Marketing Specialist, ETNO Cafe


"We started using Center.ai in May 2021. We noticed a range of advantages over Google My Business from the get-go. The toolkit has optimized our work. Since the beginning we have been adding posts, managing listings and replying to customer reviews quickly and effectively. The option to categorize reviews has enabled us to see far more value in the comments we received, from an in-depth connection with our customers , and react quickly to any arising issues.
The Center.ai interface is self-explanatory and intuitive, which makes it user-friendly. Additionally, the Center.ai team provided us with continued support whenever we needed it."

Paweł Halicki, Head of SEO & WEB, InPost


"Center.ai is an effective tool to bulk manage Google Maps business listings. The options to bulk edit listings and simultaneously
add posts to multiple locations allows us to save a lot of time."

Joanna Sałacińska, SEM & SEO MANAGER, CCC

Key Features of Center.ai


Key Performance Indicators always at hand

Bulk manage listings

Save time and manage all your listings or groups of listings in one go

Monitor locations rankings

Monitor your listings ranking in Google Maps search results

Listing security

Protect your listings against harmful changes introduced by users or unfair competitors

Monitor your competitors

Keep an eye on how well the listings of your local competitors rank in Google Maps

Bulk publish your posts or images

Add posts and images to multiple listings in one go

Business listing stats

Monitor the number of views and searches for your listings and other essential indicators of success on Google Maps

Analyse customer reviews

Monitor customer ratings for your entire chain, a group of or individual listings

Respond to customer reviews

Save time and respond to all your reviews from a single panel

Manage your team and their access

Collaborate on your listings and share the responsibilities risk free

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