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With Center AI, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ experiences and take full control of your brand’s image.

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Regularly Collect Post-Purchase Feedback

Automating the process of sending requests for feedback leads to an increase in the volume of responses received from customers. This allows you to better understand their experiences, highlighting both the well-functioning areas of your business and those in need of improvement. With Center AI, feedback acquisition becomes an ongoing process, enabling you to monitor the pulse of your organization.


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Acquire More Positive Ratings and Reviews from Customers

Satisfied customers often do not post positive reviews online despite having excellent shopping experiences. They are more likely to do so when asked in an appropriate manner. Center AI will enable you to identify these customers and request them to publish their opinions online (e.g., on Google Maps). Furthermore, based on a short survey, artificial intelligence can assist them in writing reviews that reflect their real shopping experiences.


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Reduce the Number of Negative Reviews Published Online

Many people post negative reviews online about their shopping experiences because they have no other place where they can quickly and conveniently provide this feedback directly to the company. By enabling customers to effectively convey feedback through Center AI solutions, you will significantly reduce the number of negative ratings and reviews online.


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Monitor and Analyze Customer Ratings

With Center AI, you can efficiently conduct a quantitative analysis of the ratings received from customers by individual stores or any defined group of stores over a selected period. You can also identify trends indicating an increase or decrease in the average rating of stores compared to a selected period in the past.


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Utilize Automated Categorization and Sentiment Analysis of Reviews

Take advantage of the capabilities offered by artificial intelligence and allow Center AI to analyze the content of the reviews you receive from customers. Through automated categorization of opinions and sentiment analysis, you will understand what your customers are saying and the emotions associated with their statements.


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Respond to Customer Reviews

With Center AI, responding to reviews becomes much easier, saving a lot of time. Features such as advanced filters, automatic categorization, and sentiment assignment to reviews supported by artificial intelligence, a content search in reviews, giving collective responses, response content templates, or suggesting response content by artificial intelligence will make your work much more efficient.


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