How to delete reviews in Google Maps in a few easy steps?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Google Maps is a service visited regularly by over a billion users worldwide. Apart from its primary navigational function, it also plays a significant role in commerce. The service allows its users to leave a review on a business listing, which often proves useful to other users. You should know that such a review can be edited or removed by the author at any time. It takes but a few easy steps.

Why should I delete or edit reviews?

Our world is everchanging. That includes businesses and what they offer. Similarly, user opinions evolve in time and good or bad impressions could take a quick U-turn. The edit/delete option provides Google users with effectual means to signal such a change. This is particularly important if you take your activity on Google Maps seriously. 

Another reason why users consider removing a Google Maps review is a question of privacy. You might oppose sharing your personal information online, which you are perfectly entitled to. Whatever your reasons, have a look at our guide. Here you will find a few limpid tips to help remove a previously published review.

A quick guide on how to delete reviews in Google Maps

To start with, the following tutorial is up-to-date on the day it is published. Google constantly introduces changes to test new functionalities. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that the same procedure will apply a month, a year or two from now. Still, even if the Mountain View tech giant does implement new functions the following tutorial should hold, if only to a degree. OK, all’s clear — here we go!

Doublecheck you are deleting a review from the right Google account

First of all, make sure you are logged in to the same account you used to write the review that you would like to delete now. To do this go to, next click a small round image in the top right hand side corner. If all’s in order, you are ready to proceed. If you forgot to log in, do it now.

Recall the company you reviewed accurately

Verify whether you are on, next enter the exact company name you reviewed in the search box. Once you get the search results and find the company’s listing click Reviews to go to the right section.

Find your opinion — it’s easier than you might think!

Perhaps you are wondering how to find your review among the plethora of other reviews, especially if you wrote yours a few years ago. Worry not, there is hope. Your review will head the list, so you will have no difficulty finding it.

Click your name and family name. Mind you, do not click Edit or Edit review button. It’s imperative that you bypass this option as it will only gain you a possibility to edit, and not delete your Google Maps review.

You are a step away from learning how to remove your Google Maps review!

Go to Reviews to find the opinion you would like to remove. Once you locate it, click the three dot icon next to the review. You will see a three tier drop down menu:

  • edit review,
  • delete reviews,
  • add photo.

Select the appropriate option, depending on what you would like to do. That’s it, mission accomplished!

Now you know how to remove your Google review! 

You are in control of the reviews you left in Google Maps. Even if you had published a review some time ago, you should have no problems what so ever editing or deleting a review, provided you comply with our suggestions. Mind you, you can always go to Google Maps Help Center for more information. Good luck!