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According to Nielsen, 92% of customers trust recommendations, even if they were made by strangers. Reviews comprise the key element which your customers employ when making a purchase decision. enables you not only to monitor and analyze your ratings and customer reviews, but also to reply to your effect, boosting your brand image.

Monitor your ratings and reviews

With you will be able to tell which departments garner most positive ratings and comments, and which require tweaks to refine customer service or other elements that influence customer experience.
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Analyze your customers’experience

Ratings given by customers, who take a moment to write a review, usually come in a simplified form of an average rating that includes all possible issues mentioned in customer comments. However, the sheer score your locations receive, say 4.1 star, fails to provide that valuable insight into customer experience. Each customer may have focused on a different aspect of their shopping experience: service, quality of the product, price, availability or returns policy.
Center CX categorizes ratings and reviews to show you how customers assess the particular facets of their experience, which in turn, allows you to take up appropriate action so as to improve selected areas of your business activity.
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Respond to customer reviews effectively

It’s not only ratings and reviews that affect your business image on Google Maps, but also the question of how you respond to such comments. Ignoring a review is never a good strategy, as it creates an impression that your business takes no notice of its customers’ opinions.Thanks to you can monitor ratings and reviews, and respond to such comments effectively, which improves your customer relations, boosts brand image and, at the same time, saves your time.
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Take key action at an opportune moment

Thanks to the qualitative and quantitative analyses of the particular aspects of our customer experience, helps you understand which parts of your business activity require most attention and improvement at the moment. This will help you define your priorities and take appropriate measures to avert escalating problems.
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